About the event

When: July 11, 11 a.m.—2 p.m.


Where: DeKalb High School


What: Presented by LeRoy King III, a licensed consultant for Bridges Out of Poverty and the Executive Director of Bridges Out of Poverty near South Bend, this 3 hour workshop provides a safe space where we can honestly address institutional and community-wide systemic barriers while discovering effective strategies to eliminate them. This event will help you grow your understanding of socio-economic class and the hidden rules that govern them. It will also help you create a more positive and vibrant support experience for your customers, clients, employees, or students. You will leave with tangible tools you can put to work in your organization to make a difference in poverty in our community.


This is an optimum training workshop experience for Businesses, Nonprofit Organizations, Public and Private Schools, Churches, and more, designed for Key Leaders, Decision-Makers, and Educators. Managers and HR Professionals can expect to learn innovative and effective avenues to lower employee turnover, reduce absenteeism, and raise the level of employee efficiency, productivity, and commitment.


Pre-registration ends June 25!


Lunch is provided. As a registered participant, you will receive a free book tailored specifically for your role in fighting poverty in DeKalb County!

LeRoy King III, Presenter

About Us

Learn more about who we are, our sponsors, and our goals.


About the Presenter

Learn more about LeRoy King, our speaker for the upcoming July 11 educational event on generational poverty.

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